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Sheriff warning parents to be on the look-out for "Xanie Tarts" drug

The Bartholomew County Sheriff's Department is asking parents to be on the lookout for "Xanie Tarts"

BARTHOLOMEW COUNTY (WTHR) - The Bartholomew County Sheriff's Department is asking parents to be on the lookout for "Xanie Tarts"

They look like a well-known candy. They even have the familiar logo.

"This looks like candy," says Bartholomew County Sheriff Matt Myers.

But the fact it's in a police evidence bag tells you it's not just a SweetTart.

"If it wasn't something you shouldn't have you wouldn't have it hidden in your shoe," said Myers.

But that's where Bartholomew County deputies found it when they went to a teen's house on Wednesday morning.

"Parents had called us about a 17-year-old out of control," Myers said. When police found tablets in his shoe during a search, they noticed something.

Different color here," said Myers. "It looks like maybe a liquid had been put on those but they look like candy."

That's why the sheriff allowed cameras in and showed us the evidence, hoping to warn parents about what's out there... about what their kids could become exposed to.

"These are called xanie tarts," Myers said.

They're SweetTarts tainted with the prescription drug Xanax, an anti-anxiety drug with side effects like drowsiness, slurred speech, lack of balance and coordination, memory problems and anxiety.

Laced candies have turned up elsewhere. In Bloomington last year it was gummys laced with Xanax. But police say they hadn't been seen around here until now.

"Obviously our concern is if you have one you might have others. And that we could have an overdose or something of that nature," said Myers.

"Honestly I would assume that was probably an intentional lacing," said Kristina Harding, a young woman pushing a stoller. "If it were my kid that's the first thing I would think.."

Her real worry would be for the little one in the stroller. "If I were in a household that had small children at the same time, that would be scary."

A child could innocently pick up what they thought was just candy. "The younger ones could always get a hold of something like that."

Joey, a Columbus father of three, said he would be on the lookout for the tainted candy. "Yeah, definitely would. What can you say to the kids, just don't try it."