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Salesforce Tower tour: A look inside Indiana's tallest building

Many people have seen Indiana's tallest building, but have never stepped foot inside. We give you the inside look.

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - Every time you see the Indianapolis skyline you see the state's tallest building: the Salesforce Tower.

Standing tall at the corner of Ohio and Pennsylvania Streets downtown, thousands of people go there daily to work, even shop and eat.

Many more people have never actually been inside, and what you'll find may surprise you.

Only Eyewitness News is taking you inside for a rare look at the 48 story building.

Salesforce occupies the lions share of the building -- 12 floors -- representing a quarter of the building which gives them naming rights.

A celebration in May marked the transition. Inside, the Salesforce floors feature an open concept designed to promote collaboration and conversation.

Gone are corner offices -- now everyone has a view.

Workers can grab a snack, and meet in a lounge space.

Attention to detail is everywhere: green carpet represents grass; brown hardwood floors represent gravel walkways.

There is even a treadmill for workers who'd prefer to actually use that as their desk!

Other features include a nursing room for new moms and meditation rooms.

This new concept will soon be in place in Salesforce offices across the world.

Then there's the community room near the top.

Under construction now, it will be open for all.

"Our employees, our customers, our partners, as well as the people of Indianapolis, the religious organizations, the community organizations, the schools... when we are not using the space we open our doors to you so you can use it free of charge and you can use our building and our capabilities to have events, dinners, and programs," Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff said.

Salesforce is adding 800 jobs in Indianapolis, along with 500 apprenticeships.

It's a bright future for a company dating back to the Exact Target days.

"I know people feared we were not committed to staying in Indiana in the long term, but they are not saying that anymore. We are here forever, we love Indiana, we love Indianapolis," Benioff said.

Other floors of the building include offices for a lawfirm, an advertising firm, and Chase Bank, which has decreased its presence in the tower and lost naming rights.

The building dates back to 1990 and has had three names: Bank One Tower, Chase Tower, and now Salesforce Tower.

As you might imagine, you'll constantly hear elevator tones and doors opening and closing.

Along the second floor is a walkway that connects the tower to the building on Monument Circle.

There you'll find a number of shopping choices, including diamonds by design.

"The client didn't like the open look down here at the bottom so we closed that off," said Steve Brown, owner of Orofino Jewelers, about a ring design.

Orofino Jewelers has been here for 20 years.

Brown says he wouldn't dream of trading it trade it for a mall.

"There's a focused market of 10 or 20,000 people within a quarter of a mile walk from me," Brown said.

You'll also find a salon, even a dentist, along with a fitness center, and a men's clothing store offering everything from suits to casual wear.

On the ground floor, the city's third Yolk restaurant is about to hatch.

"It was kind of a no-brainer for us. We do a lot of business with Salesforce as it is with catering," Manager John Koklas said.

Less than a mile away from their first Indianapolis location, this one will benefit from even more foot traffic.

Seating 200 plus, it's the largest for the Chicago based brunch spot and will employ around 30 people. The new location is expected to open by the end of the week.

It -- along with Subway and a sushi spot coming soon -- are just some of the food options inside.

On the 48th floor, the food is a more catered affair.

The top floor has become a prime spot for receptions and dinners, seating up to 600 people.

It's also become a destination wedding spot, with a great view of the city.

Just below that on the 47th floor is the SalesForce Ohana room.

"Everyone is our family, whether it's the community, our customers, or our employees, we're all part of one big Ohana," said Bob Stutz, Indiana Salesforce CEO.

Under construction now, it will be open for public events.

The Salesforce Tower is owned by the Hertz Investment Group, based in California.