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Indianapolis father has a change of heart, gets vaccinated for daughter

Bryan Coe and his daughter often debated getting the vaccine. Eventually, Coe posted that his daughter won their "little disagreement."

INDIANAPOLIS — The moment life changed forever for Indianapolis father Bryan Coe is now part of the family photo album. 

Coe spent months debating with his daughter about the safety of the COVID-19 vaccine. So a photo showing him getting his second shot became the talk of the family. 

"That moment right there, 'Oh boy, so I am getting vaccinated,'" Coe said.

The father said he had his reasons for refusing to get a shot in the arm, which went against his daughter's wishes. He advised her not to get the vaccine based on what he decided to believe when it came to just how safe it is for people.  

"Hearing, 'It's a microchip in it,' 'Remember Tuskegee?' and things of that nature," Coe said. "Plus, how did they come up with a vaccine so fast? And the fact that it didn't have FDA approval at first."

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Despite his concerns, there came a moment that sold Coe on getting his shots. 

His daughter Aaliyah is a Butler University pharmacy major. She's also a daddy's girl. They have a healthy relationship that is full of debate. So what did she do for her family?

"I did take it upon myself to kind of learn more about the vaccine because I know there are people in my family who are not comfortable with it," Aaliyah Coe said.

There was never a moment where Aaliyah backed down in debating her dad about getting vaccinated. Eventually, her father posted on the "Nextdoor" app, saying his daughter won their "little disagreement."

"I was just so happy," Aaliyah said. "He's very stubborn. I'm very stubborn. It's just like a big weight off my shoulders and I said, 'Oh, finally.'"

"When I got my second shot, I told her a big chunk of this is because of you," Coe said.

Now, Coe hopes people in the metro area will follow him and get vaccinated, especially after what happened to his son.

Coronavirus forced Coe to become his son's primary caregiver, which led him to experience helpless moments he'll never forget.

"There was nothing I could do but keep bringing him water like I was, keep bringing him soup and there was nothing I could do but to have that helpless feeling," Coe said.

So now, Coe cherishes the moment when his son rolled up his sleeve, too.

"And so we are all vaccinated," Coe said. 

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