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Memorial grows as police continue search for Delphi girls' killer

As a community remembers two girls found murdered in a Carroll County forest, police continue to search for their killer.

DELPHI, Ind. (WTHR) - As a community remembers two girls found murdered in a Carroll County forest, police continue to search for their killer.

Friday evening, state police hustled back to the crime scene where friends Abby Williams and Libby German were found dead Tuesday. Undercover officers did some work and left about a half-hour later.

At the same time, troopers checked out a car left at the Monon High Bridge trailhead. It turned out to be a woman and her children out for a walk.

Both events, police say, shows the high pace of activity officers will be showing throught he weekend.

Near sunset, visitors to the Monon High Bridge Trail paid their respects to the girls, laying flowers along the walking path where 14-year-old Libby and her 13-year-old friend Abby were last seen.

"I thought it was important to do," Chasity Jarrell said.

Chasity knew both girls. She called Libby a good friend.

"She loved to swim and she was always nice and happy," she said. "Still hard to believe it's happened."

Chasity was not on the trail with the girls Monday after noon, but other friends were. They talked about a man they saw.

"They said that they had said, 'Hi' and he, like, just brushed them off and kept going," Chasity said.

The teens said the man seemed out of place, though Chasity says that "could just be a rumor."

The children described the man wearing all black. Meanwhile, police continue their search for a man dressed differently. They circulated his photo Wednesday, saying he would have been on the trail at the same time as the girls.

They want to ask him what he saw.

Police released this photo of a man seen on the Delphi trails near where two teenagers were murdered.

Thursday night's search of a house near Delphi, state police say, will not lead to an arrest in the case.

"You can feel the tension with it. Before, it was peaceful. It's not peaceful anymore," said Delphi resident Vincent Carter.

Carter brought his mother out to see the bridge. Jeanine Carter has studied the photo of the male subject released by police.

"We got the magnifying glass out," she said. "Those are what we call 'hunting pants,' what somebody into bird hunting would wear. Those were popular in the '90s."

She and her fiancé are among the hundreds who have given tips to police.

"I told the detective, he said it looked an awful lot like the guy he used to work with," she said. "He said he knew back then that guy had a house back in this area and he said he knew he was still around."

Just one of the tips officers are running down.

Back on the trail, Chasity Jarrell's stepmother joined the children paying tribute.

"They want to be involved, to show their condolences," she said.

Chasity wears her heart on her hand, drawn in magic marker: "2/13."

"That's when they went missing," she said.