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Hoosiers against stay-at-home order protest outside governor's residence

A conservative group has planned a rally at Gov. Holcomb's residence to protest against what members call an "overreach of government."

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — A conservative group planned a rally at Gov. Holcomb's residence to protest against what members call an "overreach of government."

The protest began outside the governor's home Saturday at 3 p.m.

On a Facebook page, the group said the protest is their effort to defend their liberties and freedom.

“I really feel like they’re unconstitutional to deprive people the rights to their private property and their business and their livelihoods,” said Andy Lyons, one of the protest organizers.

The group believes Holcomb's stay-at-home order is excessive, saying Hoosiers can take precautions against spreading COVID-19 without a government mandate.

Robert Hall, leader of the Indiana Conservative Alliance and Grassroots Conservatives, said there are number of reasons he would like to see the stay-at-home mandate lifted, including:

  • The negative effect on the economy
  • Prevents Hoosiers from exercising freedom of assembly and religion
  • Delays natural immunity to the virus

Nathan Red attended and said his business has taken hit since the closure.

“We provide nursing, therapy and car giving services," Red said. "And we have so many people right now that are out of work because families are choosing to self-quarantine or the government has told them.”

COVID-19 has killed nearly 40,000 Americans.

The fear is that relaxing conditions too soon would lead to resurgence in cases and in deaths. Organizers say it’s a risk they’ll take.

“If I get sick then I am going bear the consequences of my getting sick. If anybody else gets sick they bear the consequences of their free choice without government coercion to do so. That’s what this is about,” said Lyons.

In a news conference Thursday, Holcomb said he was looking at early May as the time to start slowly reopening some businesses in the state.

Holcomb also announced that he has joined an agreement with six other Midwestern states to coordinate reopening their economies.