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Brown County woman charged after threatening police officer

A Nashville, Indiana woman has been charged with multiple crimes after leaving the scene of an accident, trying to kick a police officer and threatening to kill him.
Photo: Brown County Sheriff's Department

BROWN COUNTY, Ind. (WTHR) - A Brown County mom is in trouble, accused of threatening a Department of Child Services worker with a Viking-style sword.

And that's not all.

Nashville police report that Dixie Floyd Dorantes was also arrested for driving drunk after DCS took her kids.

Officers say she hit several cars, including a corrections officer's car in Beanblossom.

Police say Floyd then threatened to kill them and tried to kick them while they were talking to her after the crashes.

According to probable cause documents, Floyd Dorantes, 37, was late to pick her child up from the YMCA two days in a row.

On the second day, May 3, YMCA staff called Nashville police. When they arrived, an officer tried to contact Floyd Dorantes but she did not pick up the phone. The officer had the child stay at the YMCA while he drove to the family's home.

When he got to the home, he found a 15-year-old daughter who said she did not know where her mother was. She said she had last talked to her that morning before school. The officer called Child Protective Services to pick up the child at the YMCA and keep both daughters in custody while police searched for the mother.

Around 9:30 that night, the officer saw a vehicle in a gas station parking lot that matched the description of Floyd Dorantes'. He saw the car speed out of the parking lot, then heard dispatch of a hit-and-run accident in the same gas station parking lot a short time later.

Dispatch believed the hit and run suspect was Floyd Dorantes, and as it turned out, she had also hit a Brown County Community Corrections officer, Terry West, in a different location. West had detained Floyd Dorantes by the time the Nashville police officer got to the scene.

She told the officer "I'm going to find you and (expletive) kill you," then tried to kick him in the groin.

The officer arrested Floyd Dorantes and took her to the hospital for a blood sample, believing she was on narcotics based on her behavior.

Floyd Dorantes is facing two charges of intimidation, one of attempted batter against a public safety official, one of resisting law enforcement and one of leaving the scene of an accident.