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IMPD to change use of force policy

Mayor Joe Hogsett said IMPD is changing and updating guidelines for use of force.

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — Mayor Joe Hogsett said IMPD is changing and updating guidelines for use of force including the following:

  1. Create clear standard for use of deadly force: The Use of Force Policy proposes that IMPD adopt the standard for deadly force adopted by California in Assembly Bill 392. By adopting this language, IMPD can ensure training is clear and consistent with current best practices.
  2. Update our requirement for identification and warning before deadly force: The proposed Use of Force Policy updates the requirement for identification and warning before deadly force can be utilized in line with national best practices.
  3. Prohibit the use of chokeholds: While IMPD training does not consider chokeholds an appropriate technique, the proposed Use of Force Police explicitly prohibits the use of this tactic.
  4. Outline clearly defined de-escalation requirements: IMPD has been implementing de-escalation training for some time, and there are de-escalation provisions in the existing General Order 4.7, which relates to mental health issues. However, this proposal would explicitly outline de-escalation guidelines in the Use of Force Policy itself.
  5. Define an officer’s duty to intervene and report when another officer uses inappropriate force: This was not previously in IMPD’s Use of Force Policy and is now included in the proposed Use of Force Policy.
  6. Prohibit shooting into moving vehicles: The proposal, submitted to the General Orders committee today, includes a clear prohibition on shooting into moving vehicles, as well as a prohibition on shooting from a moving vehicle.
  7. Require comprehensive reporting of lethal and non-lethal uses of force: Coupled with existing General Order 1.31, this proposal will require comprehensive reporting of officer uses of force.
  8. Clearly specify rules for using various levels of less-lethal force: This change contains principles consistent with continuum of force principles currently being discussed nationally.

"This is a beginning, not the end. These policies are important, and once implemented, we will have a better city than ever before," Hogsett said.

IMPD Chief Taylor said the officers in the department are working to build bridges with the community, but he understands the mistrust. He said the department will work to improve that relationship.

"I can't tell you anything today that will heal decades of wounds. I can assure you of this: our department as a whole will continue to march foward progress for our community and our citizens," Taylor said.

When asked about the officer-involved deadly shooting of Dreasjon Reed and releasing the officer's name that shot and killed him, Chief Taylor said that because of threats to officers, that information is not being released at this time.

He went on to say that with a special prosecutor now appointed, the investigation will continue moving forward and more information will come out as that process moves along.

Reed was shot and killed on May 6, 2020 while streaming a chase with officers on Facebook Live. Police say Reed had a gun and fired at the officer. His family acknowledges Reed had a gun, but insists he did not shot at police.

Click here to watch the full video of the Reed family's news conference from Wednesday.

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