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Coroner confirms body found at Griffy Lake was IU student

There are no details about the identity or gender of the victim at this time, however, Monroe County Coroner Nicole Meyer says foul play is not suspected.
A body was found near the south end of Griffy Lake north of Bloomington Friday.

The Monroe County Coroner Nicole Meyer confirmed on Saturday that the body found Friday at Griffy Lake was missing IU student Joseph William Smedley II. The cause of death is consistent with drowning. 

Bloomington Police Capt. Joe Qualters confirmed the victim was an unidentified male. Monroe County Coroner Nicole Meyer says foul play is not suspected. Police say they are not releasing any more information about the victim until a positive identification can be made and the victim's family notified.

When Melau Kakar, a graduate student, heard the news of the body, he thought instantly of 20-year-old student Joseph Smedley, who has been missing since Monday.

He said, "First of all, I get scared because I am an IU student myself and I come to the lake sometimes. It really is scary that this can happen. I may not be able to go to the lake in the night."

As of Friday night, there was no evidence that the body found was Smedley. Detectives were able to track his cell phone to an area near Old State Highway 37, just north of Bloomington. That highway runs just north of Griffy Lake, though the body was recovered closer to the south end of the lake, off of N. Headley Road. Also, investigators say scent-tracking dogs turned up no sign that Smedley was in the area where his cell signal was located.

Smedley reportedly told his sister he was leaving the country, but police say he doesn't have a passport and there's no evidence he's booked any tickets to travel out of the area.

An autopsy has been scheduled for Saturday morning on the body found in the lake. An identity is not expected to be released until after the autopsy is complete.

The body was a shock to people cruising for parking along the side of the popular lake park Friday night.

Tanner Schapiro of Bloomington said, "To realize something that tragic happened here at a place we like to hang out, relax and chill-- like, it's so sad."

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