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Carmel kids learn lesson in kindness with 'Kindness Matters Garden'

For elementary school students in Carmel, they're learning kindness with a special project.

CARMEL, Ind. (WTHR) — On this World Kindness Day, everyone has a chance to spread a little love and kindness.

For elementary school students in Carmel, they're learning that lesson with a special project.

Each student at Smoky Row Elementary School got to decorate two "kindness rocks." They're rocks that students will dress up with kind messages of love and encouragement.

Each student decorates two: one to keep in the school's "Kindness Matters Garden," and the other to take of a field trip to put kindness in the community.

"The kids are so inspiring to be around," said Principal Lila Jay. "Their hearts are full with kindness and joy every day, and so to see them be able to translate that into something tangible that they can do for the school and also out in the community is just a really neat feeling."

The garden at the school will honor teacher Dawn Matters, who died after battling breast cancer. The kids will dedicate the garden to Matters Tuesday.

Alyssa Raymond will have more on this community's "Ray of Sunshine" Sunday morning on Sunrise.