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Brownsburg author releases parenting book to journal quarantine experiences

A Brownsburg author is offering a unique way for parents to note the good — and bad — moments of quarantining with kids during the coronavirus pandemic.

BROWNSBURG, Ind. (WTHR) — A Brownsburg author is offering a unique way for parents to adjust to working from home with kids.

John Graham, of Brownsburg, just finished a book called "Parenting Moments from Quarantine."

Graham said the part-picture book, part-journal is a perfect place to document the good and bad moments of staying home with your kids.

"Writing it all down, saving it for the future, and referencing back to it. When your kids challenge you on it, like 'I never trashed the kitchen when I tried to bake pancakes — that never happened!' Like, you know, "April 14, 2020 — that's when it happened. Would you like to hear all the details?'" Graham said.

He also encourages the recording of the positive moments with your family.

"For every stressful moment I see on social media, or they might experience their kids, there are some moments of closeness with your family. There's moments that you're experiencing things right now that I think should be recorded," Graham said. "Years from now, I think, young children are going to grow, and they're going to start asking questions about this time because it was such a time of change in everyone's lives. So, using this book as a way to reference back to these moments as they asked those questions and saying, 'you know, I'm gonna be honest with you. It was stressful, and mommy and daddy did get upset sometimes, but we also grew as a family, and we're closer now than we were before that because we were had that concentrated time.'"

Graham teamed up with local artist Tyeesha Bradley — and got this done fast. He came up with the concept in late February and after about four weeks, the book was ready. It helped Bradley and he were already working on their book, tentatively titled, "Did You Ever Act Like This?," which was a similar concept, just not about staying at home, or in quarantine.

There are two versions of the book available for purchase on Amazon. One is 8x8 and is more like a children's book but still has room to write. The other, 8.5x11, has more of a workbook feel.

If you don't want to wait for the shipment to arrive or you simply don't have the money right now, Graham is offering up the versions for free via PDF, so you can print it at home.