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13 Investigates: The hidden dangers of your vehicle's 'blind zone'

That blind spot is now responsible for hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries in children.
Two kid are playing with chalk in front of an SUV. (WTHR staff/Bill Ditton)

Join 13 Investigates for this eye-opening special report Thursday night at 6 p.m. on 13 Eyewitness News.

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — 13 Investigates has discovered millions of popular vehicles have a hidden blind spot that you've never thought about.

And that blind spot contributes to hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries in children.

15-month-old Noah Dreblow was one of those victims. The toddler from southern Indiana was killed when he was run over by his own grandfather, who never saw him in the driveway.

Noah's family is now determined to warn other parents about a growing danger called “frontovers” – accidents involving the front blind zones of large vehicles such as SUVs.

13 Investigates has been testing just how big these blind zones are. We didn't use just feet and inches; our measurements include little feet and hands — real children.

We asked drivers to alert us at the very first sign of a child, and they simply could not believe the size of the blind zones directly in front of them.

Senior investigative Reporter Bob Segall wants you to see these demonstrations up close so you can understand how real this danger really is. And he’ll show you the steps you can take to see what might be hidden directly in front of you.

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