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Disc jockey gets prison time

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Steve Jefferson/Eyewitness News

Indianapolis, May 5 - X-103's Adam Ritz is on his way to prison for sexually assaulting his babysitter.  Ritz admitted last December that he came home drunk, then sexually assaulted the 22-year-old woman who was sleeping in his home.

Wednesday, the judge sentenced Ritz to six months in prison, and 365 days of probation. Ritz must also do 120 hours of community service and register as a sex offender.  He must also seek alcohol counseling once he's released from prison.

The victim is a former Butler University student who watched the Ritz' two little girls at their home on a regular basis.

His employer, Clearchannel Communications, told Eyewitness News Wednesday that Ritz is no longer an employee.

The penalties shocked the entire courtroom, including Ritz's family and attorney James Voyles. "He is going to accept whatever sentence the court imposes, and he did."

Deputy Prosecutor Suzanne O'Malley says, "In this case we also talked to the victim and we followed her wishes."

Prosecutors lowered Ritz' charge from rape to sexual battery, saying his babysitter agreed to the lesser charge. "What she really wanted out of this case is for him to receive a sexual felony and he be charged and known as a sexual offender," according to O'Malley.

And what does the radio-listening public think?

"It's a terrible thing for someone that has been in the public eye and doing that, but things like that happen," said one woman after hearing the news of Ritz' sentence.

"The law applies to everybody," said another man.  "Nobody is above the law."

Ritz apologized to his babysitter's family in court and even broke down in tears. But the former DJ never said a word to the media as he was led off to prison.