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Prosecutor: Baer offered life in prison 'only because victims' family approved of it'

15 years ago Fred Baer savagely murdered mother and daughter in their Lapel home

ANDERSON, Ind. (WTHR) - The plea agreement that spared Fred Baer’s life also spared his victim’s loved ones the painful and prolonged process of pursuing another death sentence.

Officers spirited the convicted killer out a courthouse side door while family members cried and hugged in the hallway, remembering Corey Clark and 4 year old Jenna.

15 years ago, Baer savagely murdered mother and daughter in their Lapel home. A federal appeals court later over turned his death sentence.

Although Madison County Prosecutor Rodney Cummins was certain he could convince another jury to recommend another death sentence, he said he offered Baer life without parole only because the victim’s family approved of it.

In court, John Clark tried not to cry while telling the judge “it’s exactly what I want.” He testified the murders “ruined every aspect of my life.”

Baer was emotional when he read a short statement.

“I am deeply sorry for the terrible grief and pain that I have caused you," Baer said. “I live with the guilt of having stolen two innocent lives every day."

Baer's lawyers recommended he accept the plea agreement.

Fred Baer will live his life inside a state prison. Corey and Jenna Clark’s loved ones will live their lives knowing they will never see him again.

Cummins said Baer is serving 180 years in prison for rapes and home invasions he committed in Marion and Hamilton counties.

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