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How social media is helping families find baby formula

A mom created a Facebook group for people to post what type of formula they're looking for, offer samples to other parents and post where they're finding supplies.

INDIANAPOLIS — The baby formula shortage is causing families to worry about when and where they'll be able to find food for their children. 

Not only is it tough to track down the formula, but the trips in-between stores are expensive with gas around $4.50 a gallon.

That's why a mother, Allexa Antrobus, created a Facebook group to help pool information.

"I have seen so many women - moms, friends, dads, all over the internet looking for milk," Antrobus said.

While her 13-month-old son is not affected by the shortage, the posts broke her heart.

"I cannot even imagine how scary that is right now to have to figure out how to feed (children) when there's nothing on the shelves," Antrobus said. 

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The Facebook group is called Indiana Formula Shortage Help Group.

There, people can post what type of formula they're looking for, offer samples to other parents and post where they're finding the supplies.

"I had one girl reach out to me and say that she works for a company where she's in stores all day, so she's taking pictures and posting them," Antrobus said. 

One of the reasons formula isn't on shelves is a major recall for a top producer whose largest domestic factory shut down in February. 

Baby formula maker Abbott said Monday it has reached an agreement with U.S. health regulators to restart production at the factory, though it will be well over a month before any new products ship from the site to help alleviate the national shortage facing parents.

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The FDA said in a press conference Monday that the company could be up and running again in two weeks pending proper corrections and approvals.

After production resumes, Abbott said it will take six to eight weeks before new products begin arriving in stores. The company didn’t set a timeline to restart production. 

On top of the recall, there are everyday supply chain issues. 

The FDA said they're "continuing to implement several important steps to improve the supply of infant and specialty formula products in the U.S."

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