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Gas prices impacting inflation

Price data shows gas prices are up across the United States, and it's affecting the consumer price index.

INDIANAPOLIS — The August Consumer Price index showed off some inflation progress and concerns.

The primary concern is gasoline, up 10.6% from July. It's the reason August's inflation rate is higher than expected at 0.6%.

The average price of gas per gallon in Indiana is $3.67.

Greg McBride, with BankRate, said the price hike is not the normal summer travel swell.

"The increase over the past couple of months is much outside the bounds of that normal seasonality. It's tied to cutbacks in production and just a brighter economic outlook," McBride said. 

Other pricing trouble spots include household necessities, personal care, car insurance and car repairs.

"All of those continued to go up at a faster-than-normal pace. And that's been that way for some time," McBride said.

A bright spot, McBride said, is the price of food.

Both groceries and dining out rose less than a half percent from July to August.

But gas prices could impact future prices.

"Everything we buy in a store or order online, it's transported at some point along the way," McBride said.

So now is the time to come up with a plan for possible price hikes to come. 

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