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That ALDI coupon is fake and your Facebook friends need to stop sharing it

If your Facebook feed is like ours, it's full of friends sharing an unbelievable $75 coupon deal from ALDI -here's why they need to stop.

They're doing it again!

If you're like us, your Facebook feed in recent weeks has started to get filled with friends sharing another unbelievable "FREE COUPON!" offer from a grocery store chain. This time, it's ALDI allegedly offering $75 off with an $80 purchase and again, it's bogus.

It's almost like clockwork for ALDI. Last May, they took to social media to debunk another fake coupon.

What is it about social media that makes people throw the age-old saying "if it's too good to be true, it probably is" out the window?

Last month, it was a $75 Bed, Bath & Beyond coupon:

And at least twice in the last two years, Kroger shoppers were sharing phony coupon deals left and right.

So, how do you convince your friends and family to not fall for these social scams? Four words: "Google is your friend."

I mean, just look how many times the word "scam" appears in search results when you Google "Is the ALDI coupon real?"

There are other clues in the coupon itself (although ALDI really is 103 years old, in this case), including typos and - the most telling giveaway - the related link goes somewhere other than ALDI's official homepage, ALDI.us.

And sharing the coupon may be more than a harmless mistake. Oftentimes, these scams ask for personal information and the sites you're directed to could potentially contain malware.

So stay alert and remember, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

(BONUS TIP: The same goes for those "Win A Disney Vacation - Just like, share, and comment!" posts.)