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New dating app uses music interests to find a compatible date

The Vinylly app gets icebreakers out of the way by matching music tastes.

INDIANAPOLIS — It's one of the first questions on a first date: What's your favorite band? 

"It's kind of cool. You can discover new music and make a music match at the same time," said Vinylly creator Rachel Van Nortwick. 

Her dating app gets the icebreakers out of the way and has music lovers saying "Vinylly."

"We start with your Spotify listening history, so we pull that in and then we ask you questions about how often you go see concerts or what's the first band you got into? What's your favorite genre? Things like that," Van Nortwick said. "Not too many questions, but enough to fill out your music profile."

Vinylly allows you to upload a picture, but there is no bio to fill out like some other dating apps.

"We skip that superficial bio approach where you kind of say whatever it is you want to say about yourself — which may be true or may be a little exaggerated — and really we just let your music data and music answers speak for you," Van Nortwick said.

But can a similar taste of music mean a long-lasting relationship?

"Look, I always say you still have to be compatible in other ways," Van Nortwick said. "We do know music, from a scientific perspective, does create dopamine in the brain. The same thing as a romantic spark. Music elevates mood, it has healing properties, so there's a lot more to music than a matching criteria."

Vinylly also allows users to book concert tickets directly from the app.