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5 Things You Need to Know this Tuesday morning


Chilly today with a high of 66 and no rain; Read Bob Kravitz's latest column; Finance committee could vote to eliminate local homestead tax credit; First rapid transit bus line for Central Indiana; Ebola fight continues. More>>

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Finance committee could vote to eliminate local homestead tax credit Video included


The clock is winding down on the mayor's plan to fund high-quality pre-K programs for low-income children.The mayor is proposing to eliminate the local homestead tax credit, but that's not sitting well with some. More>>

First rapid transit bus line for Central Indiana Video included


A new form of transit in Central Indiana is getting some gas.  More>>

Chilly with a high reaching 66 today and no rain Video included


The rain is out but the cool air stays with us today. Temperatures are chilly this morning and because of a north wind, the high will only reach 66 today. More>>

Kravitz: This one's on Pagano, Hamilton


Beyond the Trent Richardson fumble and an "epic" no-call on the game-changing interception, Bob Kravitz says the Colts' 30-27 loss to Philadelphia falls on Chuck Pagano and Pep Hamilton.

Eagles top Colts 30-27 on late field goal


The Indianapolis Colts are hosting the Philadelphia Eagles in a Monday Night Football matchup at Lucas Oil Stadium. More>>

Lawmakers prepare to vote on part of president's ISIS plan

President Barack Obama President Barack Obama

There were overnight developments on Capitol Hill as lawmakers gear up to vote on part of the President's plan to fight ISIS. More>>

Indiana reports increase in 2013 workplace deaths


State officials say the number of workplace deaths in Indiana was up in 2013, but it was still the third-lowest number of fatalities recorded in the past 22 years. More>>

Indiana gets $1.5 million for unemployment aid


The U.S. Department of Labor is giving the state of Indiana $1.5 million as part of an effort to improve unemployment insurance programs around the nation. More>>

Brantly to testify about Ebola fight at Senate hearing


An Indianapolis native is testifying at a Senate Hearing today. More>>

Afghan capital explosion kills at least eight


A huge explosion went off in the heart of the Afghan capital this morning, killing at least three international service members and injuring five. More>>

GoodSports development delayed in Greenwood Video included


A multi-million dollar development in Greenwood is delayed and in danger of not happening after all. More>>

Purdue computer modeling school shooters to save others Video included


There's a new push at Purdue University to protect students from a school shooter. The university has developed a program to help police when every second counts. More>>

US to assign 3,000 from US military to fight Ebola

President Barack Obama President Barack Obama

The Obama administration is preparing to assign 3,000 U.S. military personnel to West Africa to combat the Ebola crisis that has overwhelmed local health care systems and drawn appeals for help from the region and aid organizations. More>>

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