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Mother in school gun incident kept as baseball coach Video included


The mother arrested for having a loaded gun at school during a meeting with her child's principal is now under scrutiny on the baseball field. More>>


Crash victim tells police he was shot


The victim of a northwest Indianapolis car crash is in critical condition, possibly with a gunshot wound. More>>

Purdue holds discussion on campus violence Video included


Students and staff at Purdue University are having a conversation about campus violence, just three months after a student was killed in a campus shooting. More>>

Colts open 2014 season at Denver on Channel 13


The Colts will play Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos on Sunday Night Football on Sunday, September 7. The game will be played in Denver and can be seen on Channel 13. More>>

Young widow forgives officer accused in crash that killed husband Video included


Rebecca Sperry became a new mother - and a widow - on the same day. Now she is healing at home with her newborn daughter, Autumn, as she mourns the loss of her husband, Jesse Sperry. More>>

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