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Live Doppler 13 Forecast

Chuck Lofton
May 24th, 2018 - 5:08am (EDT)


This is the hottest May in Indy recorded history with much more heat on the way as we close out the month. If our forecast is correct, we will close the month of May with 21 days over 80 degrees, which sets a new record.

Wednesday was the 17th day this month in the 80s. The last time we had a May this warm was in 1896. Think about that - no person on the Earth was alive the last time this happened.

Humidity won't be a major issue today, but as we head into the weekend things change.

We will have an August-like pattern moving in with heat and humidity, and we're expecting only slight storm chances and mainly late in the day for the IPL 500 Festival Parade and Legends Day and the 102nd running of the Indianapolis 500.

Our current forecast of 88 on Sunday would make it one of the 12th hottest Indy 500 days since 1911. That means hydrate, hydrate, hydrate if you are going to the race or spending significant time outdoors Sunday

For now it appears storm chances will be low and mainly late in the day from daytime heating.

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