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Forecast updated at Nov 20th, 2019 - 11:54am (EST)

As expected, low clouds continue to hang tough over much of Central Indiana though pockets of sun noted on visible satellite imagery.

A temperature inversion (warmer air aloft trapping colder at the surface) is to blame along with a stalled front that's keeping near-surface conditions rather moist.

The end result is a mainly cloudy Wednesday with temperatures ranging from 45° to near 50°. We expect this cloud deck to expand again overnight with areas of mist and fog around heading into Thursday morning.

In addition, showers begin spreading in from the west and expand over Central Indiana Thursday morning... setting the stage for another damp day. Expect periods of wind-whipped rain on Thursday with temperatures slowly climbiing into the mid-50s during the afternoon.

Rain showers sink southward Thursday night as a cold front drops toward the Ohio River. This allows for a partly cloudy sky to emerge for some sunshine Friday with highs in the mid-40s.

A wave of low pressure develops along the aforementioned front and is modeled to move across Central Indiana Saturday... bringing another widespread rain with it that will be mixed with snow at times. We'll continue to monitor the potential strength of this low to see if it warrants the mention of any localized accumulation on Saturday.

Thankfully this appears to be a quick-mover and we salvage a decent weather day on Sunday with some sunshine and highs in the mid-40s. All signs continue to point toward a disruptive storm system for holiday travel next week in the Midwest/Great Lakes in the Tuesday-Wednesday time-frame. Windy conditions seem likely locally, but other specific details will take time being that we're a week away. But we urge to follow the forecast closely if you have travel plans as this system would likely deposit measurable, wind-whipped snow on the northwest of the storm center track.

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