Indy Influencers

Social media is a marketing force and some Hoosiers have figured out how to carve out a space just for them.

We will be featuring five Indiana Influencers to learn the secrets behind these social media stars. Watch their stories on Eyewitness News Sunrise at 6 a.m.

Monday 4/29

Karina Reske

Karina is a Brazilian beauty who came to America as an Au Pair to learn English. Now, nearly two decades later, the McCordsville, Indiana wife and mother of three is the star of the very popular Karina Style Diaries.
Twitter: @StyleDiaries79
Instagram: @KarinaStyleDiaries
YouTube: StyleDiaries79
Areas of Emphasis: Fashion, style, clean beauty

Tuesday 4/30

Jordan Lee Dooley

Jordan is an Indiana native who has a new book, "Own Your Everyday". She hosts the SHE podcast and is also a public speaker and a product creator.
Twitter: @MrsJordanDooley
Instagram: @JordanLeeDooley
Areas of Emphasis: Women’s personal development, business, and faith

Wednesday 5/1

Sierra Holmes

Sierra is a Curvy Blogger who lives in Carmel, Indiana. The wife and mother of two started her blog three years ago and believes her authenticity and sassy style is what attracts a loyal following.
Twitter: @EclecticKurves
Instagram: @EclecticKurves
Pinterest: EclecticKurves
Areas of Emphasis: Plus sized fashion, body confidence, body positivity

Thursday 5/2

Ashley Bell

Ashley describes herself as an "average tall, blonde, Midwest girl who has a passion for fashion, fitness, travel, and creativity."
Twitter: @TallBlondeBell
Instagram: @TallBlondeBell
YouTube: TallBlondeBell
Areas of Emphasis: Fitness, health, fashion, beauty, travel, fashion

Friday 5/3

Britney Heisler

Britney said, "I am here just like every one of you sharing my love for clothes, food, health and motherhood!"
Instagram: @BritneyAlyse
Areas of Emphasis: Lifestyle, fashion, baby fashion, beauty

So how can you become an influencer?

Forbes put together a list of tips on how to start building your own social media following.

  1. Focus On Resonating With Your Audience
  2. Freely Share Your Knowledge
  3. Build Your Strategy And Process First
  4. Find Your Unique Voice
  5. Be Consistent In Your Posting
  6. Be Authentic And Build Trust

To learn more about these suggestions and even more tips, visit Forbes' article, "Want To Become An Influencer?"

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