Protesters get OK to fly balloon of Trump as a baby over London

Protesters in London will be allowed to fly a balloon showing President Trump as a baby for two hours next Friday.

LONDON (WTHR) - A giant balloon depicting President Donald Trump as a baby will welcome the president to London next week.

Protesters have been given approval to fly the blimp of Trump as a giant orange baby, complete with tiny hands and a diaper, over Parliament during his visit to Britain.

The Greater London Authority is allowing the 20-foot inflatable to fly for two hours on July 13.

One of the men behind the blimp, activist Leo Murray, said city hall "originally told us that they didn't recognize 'Trump Baby' as a legitimate protest, but following a huge groundswell of public support for our plan, it looks like city hall has rediscovered its sense of humor."

Anti-Trump protests are planned in London, a city the president is expected to largely avoid. He is expected to meet Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle and see Prime Minister Theresa May at her country retreat.

The protesters behind the baby balloon have crowdfunded almost $13,000 for their stunt.