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Living with autism, developmental or behavioral disabilities means living with a lot of questions and worries. For a half century, Damar has met those questions and worries with answers and peace of mind, helping to find the right combination of treatment and services to help children and adults reach new levels of success. Damar offers residential and community-based treatment, outpatient behavioral health services and ABA Autism Services by Damar. In addition, Damar operates two schools and provides foster care services.

How many local kids are on the autism spectrum?

With the incidence of autism steadily increasing, it seems everyone knows a family that’s affected. Nobody knows exactly what has caused this dramatic increase but we do know this: Autism creates countless challenges for the people and families affected by it. Research suggests that one in every 68 children in the U.S. is challenged with an Autism Spectrum Disorder – up from one in 150 only 10 years earlier. The number is even larger when just looking at males – one in every 42 boys born today will be identified with symptoms of autism.

Early signs of autism?

Every child develops at his or her own pace. Still, there are certain developmental milestones that you, as a parent, can watch for to see if your child is developing appropriately. The cues listed here give a general idea of some early signs. For a complete list of developmental milestones, please visit damar.org.

Infants: Lack of facial expression, little or no response to cuddling, lack of social engagement.

Toddlers: A key sign in toddlers with autism is absence of language development or strong reactions to touch, sounds or changes in routine.

Elementary-Aged Children: For these children, difficulty interacting with other children in a social manner, rigidity in routines and behavioral anomalies

How can our community support families facing these challenges?

Become aware. Seek information and ask questions. Encourage early identification and treatment. For more information, please visit damar.org.

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