Zoo Miami welcomes pair of baby meerkats

In this Feb. 3, 2020 photo, "Yam Yam" huddles with her two pups in a meerkat habitat at the zoo in Miami. (Zoo Miami via AP/Ron Magill)

MIAMI (AP) — Zoo Miami is welcoming a pair of baby meerkats.

The babies were born Jan. 18 and are now exploring their habitat along with their mom, Yam Yam. Zoo Miami's communications director Ron Magill says the babies were blind and helpless at birth but aren't venturing further into their habitat.

Three unrelated brothers named Joe, Gizmo and Diego are also bonding with the baby meerkats. Magill says any one of the brothers could be the father. Meerkats are omnivores from the mongoose family found in arid environments of South Africa. They became more popular after being featured as the Disney character Timon in "The Lion King."

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