Zionsville West Middle School was locked down after ammunition found


ZIONSVILLE, Ind. (WTHR) — The Zionsville West Middle School was placed on lockdown this morning after a plastic container of ammunition was found in the parking lot.

Boone County Sheriff's Office School Resource Officers and school officials put the school on lockdown before students entered the building. A search of the school and area was done.

A message was then sent to parents around 8:30 a.m. notifying them as they waited for drop-off.

Surveillance video was used to figure out where the ammunition came from.

It turns out it fell out of a car as a child got out. There was no weapon involved or threat to the school or students according to the sheriff's office.

“Our team approach to school safety is essential—from attentive student (and other) eyes on our campuses, to technologies that can sometimes assist us to a fast resolution. In-between there are brave law enforcement officials and school employees who train and react well during the crises that come to and through the schoolhouse door in 2018,” said Superintendent Scott Robison.

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