Zionsville residents speak out against apartment complex planned near


ZIONSVILLE, Ind. (WTHR) - The controversy over a planned apartment complex just off the brick streets of Zionsville will continue.

The town council cast a tie vote Monday night. One of its seven members was not present due to a death in the family.

The council meeting lasted four hours. Council members heard from planning commission staff, the developer, and scores of residents, most of them opposed.

Residents wearing red were seeing red over plans for an apartment complex on the edge of the historic village - 184 apartment units where Main, First and Sycamore streets come together.

"I love the small town feeling. That's why I moved here. So I'm very sad if this passes," said one long-time Zionsville resident. "We're here to save our village."

And they took their case to the streets - walking about a mile from downtown to Town Hall, letting neighbors know about Monday night's town board meeting on the issue.

They fear traffic and tax hikes.

"We're not objecting growing," one opponent said. "But this is not really the site or the place for such a gigantic monster building."

But the developers lawyer told the board it's a quality design and doesn't sit in the middle of the Brick Street Village.

Traffic would jump just ten percent, he said, and boost tax revenues.

"Produces $100,000 new tax revenue," he said, with no extra police or fire costs.

Claims it will cost the town, he said, are meant to "mislead."

The issue will likely come before the council again on June 3.

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