Zionsville reacts to death of Rachael Fiege


The IU freshman from Zionsville who fell down the basement stairs at an off-campus house party has died. Officials at IU confirmed Rachael Fiege, who was 19, was taken off life support Saturday  morning.

Rachael fell Friday morning. But, friends at the party didn't call for medical help until six hours later when they noticed she was unresponsive.

Eyewitness News went to Zionsville to get community reaction and found that whether people knew Rachael Fiege personally, in passing or not at all, news of her sudden tragic death is spreading fast and generating a lot of heavy hearts.

Jake Eckhardt spends the majority of his time playing soccer. He plays for the Zionsville High School Men's team. That's how he got to know Rachael. She played for the Lady Eagles and shared a love for the game.

"Rachael always had a great personality. She had many friends and was already hanging out with a lot of people. Everybody respected her. I didn't know anyone that talked bad about Rachael Fiege," said Eckhardt.

News of her death hit both teams--who are more like family--hard. They're drawing on one another to get through this.

"Every conversation always ends with heaven has a great new soul up there and she'll be greatly missed," said Eckhardt.

"It's just tragic to think about it," said Jeff King.

King didn't know Rachael. But, this news still hits very close to home. His daughter is a senior at Zionsville and for them college is right around the corner.

"From a parent standpoint, it's hard enough to think about your kid leaving home and then you have this worry on top of it of something like this happening. I'm quite certain when the parents left after dropping her off thought we'll see you very soon and it didn't quite work out that way so it's very sad and tragic," said King.

As far as the exact cause of death and the events that lead up to Rachael falling down those stairs that fateful night. The investigation continues. Rachael had planned to major in nursing.