Zionsville firefighters rescue dog from icy pond

A Zionsville firefighter went into an icy pond to rescue a dog. (Photo: Zionsville Fire Department)

ZIONSVILLE, Ind. (WTHR) - A dog said "thank you" Friday to firefighters that saved its life the day before.

This was a trip no one was sure 24 hours ago would even be able to take place. Eleven-and-a-half-year-old "Cam" was coming to say thank you.

The beagle mix rescue dog fell through the ice in the Cedar Bend neighborhood.

"I just happened to look outside, he was half in and half out, struggling. Couldn't get up," Cindi McGarvey, a neighbor observed.

"I got a knock on the door from the neighbor kid to tell me the dog went out on the ice," another neighbor, Jennifer, said.

They called 911 and then the neighbor boy, nine-year-old Eli McGarvey, grabbed a cell phone and captured the rescue on video.

"We just thought we would use the boat, give us stability, but that was not going to work as well, so we just did a normal top water rescue," Zionsville Deputy Fire Chief Brian Miller said.

"I went into immediate panic mode and saw him out there struggling against the ice. I know help was already there, so we were all so grateful to see them. It was just such a relief to have them," 11-year-old Joy said.

But even that couldn't protect them from the sound of a dog who has been struggling for 30 minutes. It was an unmistakable cry for help.

"He is not a barker. He's a gentle dog with a lot of people. So hearing him bark like that was such a terror to me and it was so frightening," Joy said.

All they could do was watch as the rescuer was able to grab Cam by the collar and pull him safely to shore. So today everyone met at the Zionsville Fire Department on Ford Road to say thanks.

"I don't know what we would have done without the firemen. There is no way we could have gotten him with the fire station," Cindi McGarvey said.

He was whisked away to the vet, who treated him for hypothermia and shock. But by Friday afternoon, he seemed no worse for wear.

"So now he has been rescued twice. We love that," Jennifer said.

And, obviously, so does he.

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