Zima bringing the '90s back to store shelves this summer

Zima is returning to store shelves this summer. (Photo: MillerCoors via KUSA)

DENVER (WTHR) - The '90s are back on store shelves.

For the second straight summer, Zima has made a return and just like last year, it's not expected to last long.

According to the Denver Business Journal, MillerCoors has produced 40 percent more of the citrus-flavored malt beverage that was all the rage in 1994, but doesn't expect it to last more than a couple months.

"The enthusiasm from drinkers and, especially, retailers has been off the charts," MillerCoors senior marketing manager for innovation Dilini Fernando said. "They’re really supporting the brand."

This summer, the company is tapping into the '90s culture with "Z2K," a take-off on the Y2K fears late in the decade, and a decidedly '90s pop culture vibe to its "the end of Zima is near" ad campaign on social media.

But before we grab our Jolly Ranchers and get our hopes up, the Zima craze may not be happening in central Indiana. Though one Eyewitness News viewer tells us the Zima map may not be telling the whole story.