"Youth Sunday" promotes summer jobs for Indy teens

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - Despite the cold weather right now, summer isn't that far off.

So the push is on to get young people in Indianapolis good summer jobs.

It's why Mayor Hogsett held "Youth Sunday" at Eastern Star Church.

He encouraged teens to get involved with Project Indy.

That's the city's partnership with community organizations and businesses to provide jobs for teens in Marion County.

When the program started in 2016, they gave 1,000 young people jobs.

Last year, it was more than 2,000.

This year's goal is more than 3,000 summer jobs.

"We want to make sure that our young people are given the start in life that they deserve so that they are focused on career choices and long-term decisions that are good decisions," Hogsett told churchgoers at Eastern Star, "and to stay away from other choices that have a powerful allure, easy money and danger."

To learn more about getting a job or to help provide a job for youth this summer, check out Project Indy here.

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