'Young Whippersnappers' show off magic skills

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INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — For the past eight years, Indy Magic has put on a show called the Young Wippersnappers of Magic in downtown and Indianapolis featuring kids with magic talents.

The kids range in age from 9 to 16 and have been doing magic for years. While parents say they like it because it gets their children away from screens and off their smartphones, the kids all agreed doing magic helps their self-confidence.

Ben Morey, whose Magic name is "Ben Amazing" is a 9-year-old magician who said he spends three hours each day with a deck of cards in his hands.

"He practices magic nonstop," his father said. "He doesn't play video games like normal kids. He just nonstop has a deck of cards in his hand."

Ben's magic coach, Marty Miller was amazed the first time he saw Ben perform. He told his dad he would continue to coach him. Miller said even though Ben is only 9, he think he has a professional magician on his hands.

"As long as he loves it, he's going to be phenomenal."

For now, he's enjoying his talents and sharing them with his classmates. In school, he gets to perform tricks if the class gets work done early.

Anthony Stockton is 16 years old and has been doing magic since he was 3. He's been hooked since and doesn't plan to stop soon. He wants to continue his career as a magician and doesn't have a plan B.

"I haven't found anything else quite like it," Anthony said. "There's nothing that comes remotely close to A - performing magic and B - the community that surrounds magic and the people that are in it."

Anthony said his favorite feeling is seeing people react in amazement to his tricks.

"I enjoy letting other people smile at something I did," he said. "If I can make other people smile, I'll smile, and that'll help me sleep at night."

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