Young Virginia boys get patent for candy toothbrush


HENRICO, Va. (WTHR) — Two little boys from Virginia now have their own patent after working together to invent a toothbrush that starts off as a lollipop.

Six-year-old Nevaan and his 3-year-old brother Riann joined forces to make a more enjoyable experiences for kids their age. It's a toothbrush with a candy attachment that easily reminds kids to brush their teeth and satisfies their sweet tooth at the same time.

"I used to eat candy all the time, and my mom and dad got worried about my teeth," said Nevaan. "So we can attach any candy to the toothbrush, and after we eat the just reminds us about the toothbrush."

The toothbrush also comes with color codes to help young children know how long they should be brushing.

Like traffic lights, green means time to start brushing, yellow means you're almost finished and can slow down, and red means it's time to stop.

Nevaan and Riann's parents are also inventors, helping to fine tune the boys' ideas. Their parents also have several U.S. patents for invention ideas, including some related to self-driving cars.

The family is hoping to receive recognition in the Guinness Book of World Records as the first family of four in one household to all be inventors.