Young patient returns to hospital with flowers to thank nurse for special care

Photo: UPMC Susquehanna Facebook

WILLIAMSPORT, Penn. (WTHR) - National Nurses Week ended last Sunday, but we couldn't let it pass without sharing this sweet story.

On their Facebook page, UPMC Susquehanna, a Williamsport, Pennsylvania hospital, posted a photo of a nurse hugging a tearful Slade Thompson.

Slade just woke up from tonsil surgery and was in need of the most basic form of care: a hug.

On the Facebook post, the hospital wrote "Annie Hager, RN, climbed right into the bed and snuggled the little boy."

The special gesture no doubt helped Slade and his family greatly at a critical moment.

Slade's follow-up appointment provided another sweet photo opportunity. He brought flowers to thank Nurse Hager.

Thanks, medical professionals, for all you do!

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