Young Koreans are helping a traditional Korean trend re-emerge


JEONJU, South Korea (WTHR) —Follow the most popular fashion Instagram accounts in Korea and you will see the hottest styles and trends. This country is arguably setting the pace in Asia.

But 120 miles south of Seoul, there is a rapidly emerging fashion story developing in Jeonju.

Young Koreans are going retro.

They are wearing hanbok.

"This garment is the traditional Josean dynasty king's garment. During the Josean dynasty, this fashion would be for the daily walk," said Lee Chong Ho.

Koreans used to wear the traditional clothing every day up until 100 years ago. But that changed, in part, because of one man. Lee Chong Ho can energize a crowd. The man known as "King Bro" felt the historical Jeonju Hanok Village was missing something. So, he started wearing attire from another era.

"At the beginning, people thought it was strange. But over time, they became motivated by us wearing hanbok. Then, they tried it on together," said Lee Chong Ho.

The formal clothing and vibrant colors caught on. Couples started wearing matching outfits. Costume shops started popping up in Jeonju with racks of hanbok. Parents started dressing their children in the outfits.

"I always thought my daughter was beautiful and cute. But, wearing hanbok makes her even more beautiful," said one father as he looked at his daughter.

According to "Visit Korea", many Koreans wear the hanbok during Korean holidays or on special occasions while children wear hanbok on their first birthday. But in Jeonju, every day seems to be the perfect day to wear the traditional Korean attire.

"I always though my daughter was beautiful ... Wearing hanbok makes her even more beautiful"

Koreans share their hanbok photos on Instagram. A fashion statement became a fashion craze. Now, you will see Koreans wearing the historical attire everywhere though "King Bro" seems to be the only one wearing sunglasses with hanbok.

"Wearing hanbok is a tradition. The sunglasses are a symbol of now. I wanted to show the harmony between the past and present," said Lee Chong Ho.

In this part of the Olympic host country, there is still a place where time stands still. Where you can still live in the past. And thanks to "King Bro", it is still cool to wear history.

"This is a fresh memory for us. Here, we feel the traditions. This is how our ancestors dressed," said one man wearing hanbok.

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