Before you shop for a child with autism, borrow from this lending library


INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — The toy shopping season is well underway, but not all toys are good for all kids.

On Eyewitness News at Noon, we talked about toys for children with autism.

Brian Norton and Bonnie Fisher from Easterseals Crossroads explained the importance of the right toy for these children.

One in 59 U.S. children under age 8 receive an autism diagnosis, a 15% increase since 2012.

Kids on the spectrum are more likely to isolate themselves, and playtime is the best time to teach.

Brian and Bonnie brought several toys for our visit and we talked about many more.

Board games like Socially Speaking, Count Your Chickens, Hoot Owl Hoot, Feed the Woozle help teach kids appropriate social interaction, learning to take turns and working together.

Fisher Price Little People Skyway is a cause and effect toy that helps with joint attention where we are looking and doing something together and increasing our interactions.

Jimu Robots is a STEM toy, something you can work on with your child to build and program together.

Hatchimals bring the wow factor. Let’s find out what is inside! Kids and parents are excited about what they might find.

Trax Play is one of many different elopement trackers for kids who might run away, and allows you to track them in real-time.

iPad games like Otismo teach basic life skills

And if a parent doesn't want to invest in a toy for fear that their child won't like it, Easterseals Crossroads has an equipment loan library with more than 2,500 items. You can find and try something for free before purchasing it.