WWII veteran is reunited with jacket lost 70 years ago

Robert Brunnemer

GREENWOOD, Ind. (WTHR) — It was 1949 when Robert Brunnemer decided to loan his WWII jacket to a neighbor kid. He never got it back and thought he would never see it again.

That changed though with a phone call from a Norwegian collector to Brunnemer's son Bobby.

"He had a Marine Corporal jacket with the initials and name stamped in the armpit," Bobby said.

So Bobby sent a picture of the jacket his dad was wearing when he met and married his wife Virginia when he was on leave. It was a match.

The collector then sent the jacket back to its rightful owner.

On Friday, Robert got to put on that jacket once again.

"That jacket just about fits me," Robert said proudly.

That wasn't the only surprise though for Robert.

His son also had his WWII footlocker restored, which housed a treasure trove of memorabilia. In it were his medals, his ID card and his drivers license.

For Robert though, the real treasure is having back his jacket which somehow made its way from Indiana to Canada and then Norway.

"To have this jacket and be disappeared for so long and then come back it was just a blessing," Robert said. "A blessing and to see it in the condition this was in after all these years ... see it as it is today is really remarkable."

Another surprise was found in the jacket pocket. There were two tickets from the Indianapolis Theater from a date Robert had with his wife.