WTHR wins big at 2016 EMMY Awards


CLEVELAND (WTHR) - Eyewitness News had a big night at the Lower Great Lakes EMMY Awards Saturday night.

WTHR won 24 total awards, including the coveted prize for overall News Excellence. The competition pitted Channel 13 against dozens of stations across the region in categories not only for our journalism, but weather, promotions and community involvement.

Below is a complete list of the categories won. Many will also include links to the winning entries.

  • News Excellence: News Director Kathy Hostetter and the Eyewitness News Team
  • Daytime Newscast: Perry Pace & Phil Cannelongo: Eyewitness News at 5 p.m.
  • General Assignment report (within 24 hours): John Duong for "Turbo Tatin"
  • Continuing Coverage: Eyewitness News for the Amanda Blackburn murder
  • Investigation (single story): Bob Segall & Bill Ditton for "Inside an Epidemic"
  • Investigation (series) Sandra Chapman, Ryan Thedwall, Bill Ditton, Cyndee Hebert & Susan Batt for "Desperate for Answers"
  • Feature News (single story): Scott Swan & Steve Rhodes for "High Speed Hello"
  • Feature News (series): Kevin Rader, Steve Rhodes, John Whalen & Jacob Jennings for "Only in Indiana"
  • Business/Consumer News: Bob Segall, Ryan Thedwall & Susan Batt for "Crash Test Dogs"
  • Crime News: Anne Ryder, Steve Rhodes & Susan Batt for "The Survivors"
  • Health/Science News (single story): Bob Segall, Bill Ditton & Cyndee Hebert for "Kids in Crisis: Scared to Death of My Own Child"
  • Human Interest News (single story): Kevin Rader & Steve Rhodes for "Taps"
  • Societal Concerns (single story): Anne Marie Tiernon, Steve Rhodes & Cyndee Hebert for "My Son Is A Beautiful Girl"
  • Sports News (single story): Scott Swan & Steve Rhodes for "Barn Ball"
  • Weathercast: Nicole Misencik & Sean Ash
  • News Promotion (single spot/campaign): This category ended in a tie - and our incredible promotions team won both awards!
  • News Promotion (image): Kerry Williams, Blake Brenneman, Kyle Duell & Jason Richards for "6 Minute Advantage"
  • Journalistic Enterprise: Bob Segall
  • Video Editor (news/sports): Steve Rhodes
  • Weather Anchor: Chuck Lofton
  • LIVE Reporter: Kris Kirschner
  • Photographer (news): Steve Rhodes
  • Writer (news): Kevin Rader
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