WTHR unveils new newsroom for Eyewitness News

A look at the new home for Eyewitness News. (WTHR Photo / Matt Whisner)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — Larry Delia, General Manager of WTHR and President of the Dispatch Broadcast Group, welcomed the WTHR staff into the new home of Eyewitness News.

The renovated newsroom has been under construction for five months.

The room was designed to house WTHR's award-winning digital news-gathering operation. The open design encourages collaboration and innovation between team members and will also hold the design and newscast production teams.

A large video screen will display statistics that will help the Eyewitness News team follow trending topics, track real time web metrics and present information to viewers. Fifteen 55" TV screens make up the large monitor in the room.

The construction was done by the Turner Construction Company.

Eyewitness News has been operating out of a temporary newsroom space, referred to as "Camp 13," and will begin moving into the new newsroom in a few weeks.

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