Writer faces backlash after critics say poem advocates violence against children


(WTHR) — A singer-songwriter is facing the wrath of the internet after social media posts criticizing a book of poems he wrote went viral.

Rhett Miller is a musical artist and author. His latest work, "No More Poems!: A Book in Verse That Just Gets Worse" was released last month, published by Little, Brown and Company. It is a book of poems highlighting childhood trials like staying home sick from school and annoying siblings.

While Amazon describes the work as being "full of clever wordplay and bright visual gags — and toilet humor to spare," many who have gotten a taste of one particular poem online vehemently disagree.

Kayla Sykes posted about the poem "Brotherly Love" on Facebook. It talks about a girl about dealing with her annoying little brother.

The poem suggests how not to deal with obnoxious siblings:

"Please don't drown your brother in the bathtub, Sweetie Pea. he can be a twerp sometimes. I know, believe you me. But if you dunk hi three times and he only comes up two, the cops'll be all over us. There's nothing I can do."

"If you take a pillow and you smother brother's head, I've got a strong suspicion that he just might wake up dead."

Sykes called the poem "disgusting," saying it includes "horrifying" details on how to kill siblings.

Many agree. Skyes' post has been shared nearly 9,000 times and it has nearly 4,000 comments.

Miller's Facebook page is riddled with posts calling the poem "sick and demented," "cruel," "vile" and "evil."

Miller did not directly address those criticisms on Facebook, but on Twitter, he implied he was standing by his work.

He also posted an excerpt from esteemed children's poet Shel Silverstein that also mentioned death.

Miller does have supporters still applauding his work, saying their children love the book.

Another parent said the book has been a conversation starter for their children.

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