Wright charged in killings of mother, foster children

Sean Wright

Phil Scott/Eyewitness News

Indianapolis - A 35-year-old man now faces charges of murder for the deaths of his mother and two foster children. One of the children was ten years old. The other boy was 16.

Sean V. Wright now faces three counts of murder, making him a candidate for the death penalty or to spend the rest of his life in prison.

Wright's 60-year-old mother, and 16- and 10-year-old foster brothers were each stabbed several times late Saturday or early Sunday morning. Marion County prosecutor Carl Brizzi says all three victims were probably asleep when they were attacked. The mother, Flossie Wright, was probably killed first. She was found in her bedroom. Demonte Norton, 10, was probably next. He was also found in his bedroom.

Brizzi says 16-year-old Rodney Anderson fought for his life and was stabbed several times in his back and several times in the chest. Brizzi says the home looked like a war zone. Anderson made it to a neighbor's porch for help, where he told police Sean was his attacker, before the boy died.

"We are unsure what the motivation was. You could speculate that it could have been motivated by some kind of jealousy. What we do know is that there was extreme violence on this night and that it resulted in the tragic death of two young boys in a very violent and very horrific way," said Prosecutor Carl Brizzi. "So here you have a woman, who out of the generosity and kindness of her heart took this boys to provide them with a safe environment, and it cost her and these boys their lives."

Sean Wright lived with his mother and the foster boys. Police arrested him Sunday afternoon. He had been driving his mother's car, according to a police affidavit. Wright admitted being at the home but says someone knocked him out and he wasn't aware of what happened until his arrest.