World War II veteran walking across the country from Georgia to California

(Photo: Coast2CoastRuns/Ernie Andrus)

GEORGIA (WTHR) – A World War II veteran is making the journey across the country on foot for the second time.

World War II Navy Veteran Ernie Andrus turned 90 years old in August 2013. That's when he decided to make a cross country journey on foot.

He took the first step near San Diego, California on October 7, 2013 and ended up in Georgia on August 20, 2016.

Now 95 years old, Andrus is doing it all over again. This time taking the same path in reverse, going from Georgia to California.

"I finished the first run in 999 hours, 32 minutes and 1 second," Andrus wrote on his website. "I am only running 13 miles a week now so it will take me 5 years. (I’ll be 100 years old), should I live that long."

Andrus shares daily updates on his journey on Facebook.

Ernie told WTOC he was prepared to be at war much longer, and perhaps his sense of adventure and love of country is what keeps this American Hero going on the the long and sometimes lonely road to California.

To learn more about Ernie and his journey across the country, click here.

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