Working from home? Here's some tips for successful telecommuting

In this Monday, June 19, 2017, photo, a person types on a laptop keyboard, in North Andover, Mass. (AP Photo/Elise Amendola)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - We're working to share advice from experts on how to tackle this new but temporary normal.

Craig Caldwell, a Butler University professor, says there are some questions you should be asking before you set out to be successful at working from home.

"What time do I get to the office? The office is downstairs. I can pop down there super early. What do I wear that day? Do I clean up and put on a professional image or is that required? Who else in the house is needing to do the exact same thing that you're doing? What time do the children's classes start? Your spouse or partner, there's a good chance they're home as well. What time do they need to check in? Do they need to have a meeting? Do I need to open this door or ending up on someone's video chat? Those are the most pressing matters," Caldwell said.

"Now's a perfect time to have that conversation or that check in with that employee and say 'how is it going, you've been out a couple days. Let's talk about what you've managed to get done. Let's talk about what you've struggled to get done and where we need to be' and understand if they've missed a deadline that you were expecting to have nailed a couple of days ago. There's probably a good set of reasons why that was missed. You can offer that bit of forgiveness that bit of lattitude, let's get back on it and see if we can and see where it should happen," he said.

"You take a moment throughout the day to think about how you're feeling about things. You're really specific about stuff. You might actually spend a little bit of time naming, what are the three frustrations I'm having right now. Once you've articulated those, you have them top of mind, it makes it a little easier to address those issues. What's holding me back, what are my roadblocks here and get moving? In the same way, it's also very helpful to take a moment, particulary in this crisis, take a moment and mention three things you really appreciate. It's a way of pulling away some of the negativity and focus on some of the good things that are happening to you. It puts you in a better frame of mind. You can keep being a good parent to your kids," said Caldwell.