Work progressing on Indianapolis 9/11 Memorial

The concrete for the memorial was poured Monday.

The rush is on to have Indy's 9/11 Memorial ready for the ten-year anniversary. Efforts are also underway to meet the fundraising goal.

Right now the builders are under pressure to get the downtown canal memorial finished by September 11th. They have been working six days a week. Organizers are also working harder than that to get much needed donations to finish paying for it.

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Monday afternoon, the last concrete truck arrived to help finalize part of the foundation and ground work at the site. The main attraction will be the two beams from the twin towers crews will erect in the middle of the memorial.

Organizers say the goal is not only to recognize the efforts of emergency responders, but also the civilians who lost their lives in the September 11th attack.

Firefighter Greg Hess, the prime mover behind the project, says the money for the memorial is coming from private contributions.

"I don't care if you only have five cents. If you are willing to donate it, we will take it. Every dime, every nickel, every penny goes to the construction cost of the memorial," said Hess. "Yes, I am a firefighter, but in addition to the 343 that were lost that day, almost 2,700 other people who died that day and they deserve the same amount of respect."

Right now the memorial is about  $75,000 short of its goal. Still, the dedication ceremony will happen on Sunday September 11th. The dedication ceremony at the memorial is open to the public.

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