Woman tied up during Geist-area home invasion


INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - A woman living in the Geist area says a man kicked his way into her home and tied her up.

It happened on Prairie View Drive near 82nd St. and Fall Creek on the city's northeast side at around 10:00 am. Police are still searching for the suspect.

The woman was in bed when she woke up to a nightmare.

The thief broke in just before 10:00 am , kicking open a back door, then confronting the homeowner.

"He started demanding money, got her in a head lock. She didn't lose consciousness or anything like that," said Det. Scott Stauffer, IMPD.

He threatened her and scared the heck out of her, says friend and neighbor Susan Lienhop.

"She had been tied up, dragged around the house and just looking for money. He wanted to know where her safe was. There is no safe," said Lienhop.

But there was jewelry, and the suspect got away with some of it.

"She said there were rings taken off her hands. As far as what else is missing she is not exactly sure," said Det. Stauffer.

Minutes after breaking in, the thief was out the door, bolting out of the driveway in older gold-colored car.

"I laid on the horn because he would have hit me. Now I wish I would have hit him," said Lienhop.

Leinhop went home called the woman's husband. A stranger at a friend's home didn't look right.

"He looked horrible. He had a nasty look on his face. He was up to no good," said Lienhop.

The woman, unharmed, freed herself and called police.

Zena Galloway lives down the block. He was shocked by the details of the crime. "You tend to think people will hear something and run off but in this case, the person is home they are sleeping and they are attacked anyway," he said.

There was a similar break-in in the neighborhood in July. Police have a suspect in jail.

Neighbors are shocked by today's thief striking in daylight and not easily scared off.

Police conducted a search in the area but did not find the suspect.

Police have only a general description of the thief. He is a black male male, 25 to 30 years old, driving that older gold-colored car and wearing dark gray shorts and work boots. They hope that combination of details sparks someone's memory.

Police left here carrying a couple bags of evidence that could contain clues to the suspect's identity.