Woman says she was scammed by woman selling dog on Craigslist

"Kash" was lost in April, then sold by a woman on Craigslist months later. (Submitted photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - Just a day after bringing home a new dog, an Indianapolis woman found out the pooch belonged to someone else.

"24 hours. 24 hours," said Tyshana Obiekea, shaking her head.

That's how long Obiekea says she got to be a dog owner before realizing the little dog she bought actually belonged to someone else.

"It really hurt me, because I had already taken a liking to the dog," Obiekea said.

Tyshana says she and her husband found a Craigslist ad about a dog for sale so she sent the person who posted it a message.

"She said the dog was $250. I was, like, 'OK, that's fine'," Obiekea remembered.

She met the woman and the dog she was selling in a local park last Friday.

"I asked her, 'Do you have any papers on the dog? Anything saying the dog belongs to you?'" Obiekea explained. "She said the dog belonged to her aunt. Her aunt passed away. She was unable to take care of the dog so she had to give the dog up."

Obiekea said she was thrilled to become its new owner. That joy changed quickly, though, when a vet discovered the dog had a microchip. When Obiekea called the microchip company, she found out the dog's owner had reported it missing.

"They told me the dog had been missing since April 2018," Obiekea explained.

Not long after, Obiekea's phone rang.

"The dog owner called me and said it was his dog," she said.

Tyshana says the man had proof the dog she was ready to include in her family, was really part of his.

So she gave the dog back.

"If it was me, I would put myself in the person's shoes. I would want somebody to give me my dog," said Obiekea.

Eyewitness News talked to the dog's original owner, who said he was thankful to be reunited with his pup, who he calls "Kash."

He said Kash disappeared in April, minutes after he let him out. Obiekea tried to call the woman she said sold her the dog.

"She won't answer," Obiekea explained, saying she left a message instead. "I told her I hope you go to jail for stealing a dog."

Now, Obiekea has to wait to get a new best friend. She had to save up to buy the last one.

"Money I don't have laying around. Money that I work hard for," she said.

Obiekea says she's learned a hard lesson from it all and the next time, she'll go to a shelter to find a dog.

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