Woman raped by her own husband uses outrage over sentence to help others

Mandy Boardman

An Indianapolis mother is opening up on national television about her terrifying ordeal and her new fight against domestic violence.

Mandy Boardman was drugged and raped by her own husband, the attacks recorded on cell phone video.

"I feel like I got sucker punched in the stomach Friday, when my rapist - my convicted rapist - was given a home detention sentence," Boardman said in an interview with Eyewitness News in May 2014.

The mother of two was outraged. She had just watched her husband avoid prison time after being convicted of assaulting her while she was asleep.

"I was disgusted. I was devastated. I couldn't believe that a man who had been convicted of six felonies was walking out the same door that I was walking out," she said in an interview with Meredith Vieira.

She described her fight for justice in the interview with Vieira, which aired Tuesday morning on Channel 13.

"I went through all this and just for him to leave with me, I couldn't believe it. And on top of that, the judge had told me that I had a great father, just a crappy husband, and I should probably figure out a way to forgive him," Boardman said.

Two months later, she finally got some relief.

After violating the terms of his home detention, her ex-husband, David Wise, was sentenced to five years in prison.

But the relief was short-lived. After less than a year, she says Wise was released earlier this summer.

"I'm always scared to think that I might run into him. He only lives 20 minutes away from me. He could be in the same shopping center that I'm shopping in. He could be close to me. We could be driving next to each other on the street. Every time I see a car that was like his, I tense up and I get scared. I'm terrified that I'll run into him," Boardman said.

But that fear is fueling a new desire to help other women face their attackers.

"I definitely want women to know that they can come forward. I've been working a lot with the domestic violence network in Indianapolis to try to make sure that women know that there's a place they can go, a place they can call, something they can do," she said.

She's becoming a voice for those who feel helpless in their own homes.

"If they are in a situation like I was in, please come forward and expose that person. You can get out of it. There is help out there," Boardman said.

Channel 13 is committed to "Shattering the Silence" on domestic violence. If you or someone you know is in trouble, click this link for information on warning signs and where you can go for help, hope and healing.