Woman pleads for return of engagement ring, necklace taken in car burglary

(Photos courtesy Lucy Miranda)

CARMEL, Ind. (WTHR) — A young mother hopes someone will do the right thing and return a treasured engagement ring and a necklace that marked the birth of her baby.

Lucy Miranda felt panic Wednesday afternoon when she saw her truck as she walked from an appointment at St. Vincent Carmel Hospital.

"From the entrance, I could see my window shattered and I was hoping, literally, please, please, please no, this is not my truck. Then I got closer and started freaking out," Miranda said.

She knew there were valuables in her truck. Her purse, stuffed under the seat where she was sure no one would see it, held priceless jewelry.

"My ring was in there. I had just gotten it March 23," she said.

Miranda, a dental hygienist, had taken it off as part of her careful hygiene practices. And it wasn't just the ring. There was cash and credit cards, but there was much more.

"My necklace. I actually got it before having my son. It was during a very hard pregnancy, so it meant a lot to me because it got me through it and I was really very happy I had those. I know I had them taken off and I should not have done that and I should not have left my purse underneath my seat, but being in Carmel, I really did think 'safe spot,' no one's going to really go through my truck."

It was daylight. She was parked there between 1:30 and 4:30 Wednesday afternoon.

Miranda shared photos of the ring and necklace on social media and with news outlets, hoping someone would recognize them if the thief tried to sell or pawn them.

"Maybe this is going to be a learning experience for other people and myself as well," she said. "Or maybe, just maybe, it will touch the guy's heart even a little bit that he will want to do the right thing and return those things to me. I'm hoping."

Miranda is working with police, who are tracking down possible leads in the case.

If you have information, you're asked to call Carmel Police.

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