Woman killed by bouncing tire on 465

A woman died after her SUV was hit by a tire Monday morning, June 19, 2017, on I-465 (photo courtesy Indianapolis Fire Dept.)
Woman killed when tire smashes car
One dead in I465 crash
Woman dies when car hit by tire

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - Police say a woman has died of injuries suffered in a crash on Interstate 465 on the southeast side of Indianapolis Monday morning.

State Police say a pick-up truck was traveling north on I-465 around 10:15 a.m. when it lost a tire and wheel. The wheel bounced over the median wall and struck a southbound SUV on the driver's side windshield.

Crystal Emerick, 43, of Angola, Ind. was unconscious when police arrived. She was taken to Eskenazi Hospital in critical condition, where she later passed away. A passenger in her vehicle was hurt, but conscious and alert. Three back seat passengers were not hurt.

The driver of the pickup stayed on the scene and fully cooperated with investigators.

"it's kind of cut and dry. I don't anticipate any charges against the driver...the tire fell off. Something mechanical went wrong...we're looking at who last had their hands on that tire. Was it a dealership or repair shop? It could be a civil liablity," said Sgt. John Perrine from the Indiana State Police.

The drive of the pickup "was very distraught and upset. He did not lose control of the truck but obviously he felt the tire break off. He was able to drive off the shoulder and stop before hitting anything else," Perrine said.

He said after the tire landed on the woman's windshield "it then bounced even higher off her car and went in to a ditch."

"She didn't hit anything. She just stopped in the the lane...she was braking," Perrine concluded.