Woman cited for damaging convenience store microwave by heating urine


DENVER, Colorado (WTHR) - A Denver woman is accused of blowing up urine in a microwave at a 7-Eleven.

According to a police report, Angelique Sanchez placed something inside the microwave before the clerk heard a loud bang.

The clerk told police the look and smell of the liquid dripping from the microwave was unquestionably urine.

When the clerk asked Sanchez to clean it up, she didn't and left. So the clerk called police.

The officer found Sanchez at a health clinic waiting for a physical and urinalysis for a job.

Some people will try to warm up someone else's urine to try and pass a drug test, but heated urine can be detected.

According to the report, Sanchez told the police officer that the liquid that exploded was not real urine.

She received a summons for damaged property because that microwave is commercial grade and a replacement costs $500.

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