Woman arrested for DUI had 8 kids in car


Police in Madison County say a young mother made a big mistake. Officers say she was driving drunk with eight children in the car over the weekend.

It was along a rural road, County Road 500 North in Madison County, where police found the SUV.

Eight young children had been riding inside, and behind the wheel was a mom who investigators say was drunk.

They say 26-year-old Jenny Karkosky of Anderson was driving on a suspended license. A chemical test showed a blood alcohol content of .16, twice the legal limit.

Three of the kids in her vehicle were Joshua Dillard's.

"They've been family friends for years," Dillard said. "We do consider her part of the family." He says he was horrified to hear what happened Saturday.

No one was hurt, but his children were in the care of someone he trusts.

"We got lucky. God was watching over us and the kids and their family and we're all safe," Dillard said.

Karkosky was driving Dillard's three children, her own two children and three children she was in the process of adopting.

She told police they were headed back from swimming in the creek, when the SUV bottomed out and slid off the road, sending the front end into the air.

When the officers smelled alcohol on her breath, they say Karkosky told them she'd had three beers.

"It was a bad judgment call," Dillard said. "She's gonna have to live with this for the rest of her life."

Even though police say Dillard's children faced potential danger in that vehicle, this father says he'll forgive and he's asking others to refrain from harsh judgment.

Karkosky, he says, is a military veteran and a friend who needs help.

"She's done a lot for our country. She's done a lot for our family. We do a lot for each other," Dillard said. "I'm not ok with it, you know, but I don't hate her. I just don't like the decision that she made. Nobody was hurt and she's been very apologetic and I've offered my support to the family and to her personally since everything's happened. It's going to be a rough time for her kids too. She has expressed a lot of remorse over this. We have to forgive. You know, we have to forgive, but we can't forget what happened."

Karkosky faces several charges, including eight felony counts of neglect of a dependent.

She's bonded out of the Madison County Jail.

Police say her two children are now with other family members.

The three children she was trying to adopt are in the custody of the Department of Child Services.